Lauren van Winkle
Love this place!! Since COVID, I had quit wearing earrings and needed to get one ear re-pierced. It has been YEARS since I have gotten anything like this done and did not want to go to the mall. After reading the reviews, I decided to give this place a try. Michael was my piercer and he has to be the most patient person in the world. I had a gazillion questions because I am naturally curious. He gave me such a great overview, explained all of the sanitation procedures, professional certification, everything. Honestly, I could have sat with him for another couple hours just talking to him. When it came time for the actual piercing, he did a great communicating what was going to happen each step of the way. When it came time for piercing, he fast and calm. It went by quickly. Their studio is super clean and nice. Really a good atmosphere. The selection of jewelry was really nice. Michael even had some of his work available. Planning on going back soon! Cannot recommend this studio enough
Yoanna Rodriguez
I love my new ear piercings that I got by Michael. I got my conch and helix pierced both with high quality grade jewelry that look so cute 💖 Everything was very clean, pain free and once the swelling went down he helped fixed the irritation problem I had with my hair getting caught pretty quick. I’m will definitely be coming back to get some more piercings!!
Jodi Carreon
I have a flat piercing and a double helix piercing that were pierced 4 months ago at different locations. They didn’t seem to be healing right so I went to see Michael today. I had been following him on IG for awhile and knew his work fixing problematic piercings. He diagnosed my issues, fixed my setup and reassured me that we could correct it. I was so impressed by his level of expertise and his overall willingness to help fix me up. Ariel assisted and she was simply delightful. I’ve been pierced in many different shops over the years and this was by far my favorite experience - I wish they would have pierced me in the first place. They are moving locations soon. I will be a lifetime customer wherever they land! Thank you both!
Julia Walsh
I got my belly button pierced here and it was the best experience I've ever had at a parlor. The individuals at the front were very welcoming and Michael and Ariel were so sweet and comforting while I was getting pierced. Definitely an amazing experiencing and will be a customer again.
Brianna Burista
I came in to get my nose piercing. The staff is super wonderful!! One of the staff members named Michael was so help with information about piercings . I got pierced with one of the staff members named Ariel she was so lovely! She helped me change my jewelry on my septum and cartilage. She was so amazing when it came to her piercing my nose.
Taliyah Alexander
I had the best experience here.I originally wanted a piercing that unfortunately is unsafe, but I was still walked out with a piercing. I also came in with a piercing I needed removed because it got stuck and they totally helped me out. They even knocked down the price on the jewelry for me. Great customer service and the jewelry is beautiful. Michael and Ariel are the best. I will definitely be coming back here in the future.
John Martinez
Me and friends came here for our first time; very professional, clean work, and very welcoming. They are very knowledgeable on their jewelry pieces, and recommend the best option for your circumstance/price. Super friendly people, Honest people and honest work! New favorite shop in vista!